Do you want to connect to remote computer at work, school or somewhere else? Nothing difficult, you probably say. Yes, you´re right, but are you aware of possible limitations of the used computer? Impossibility of program or firewall installation is only the icing on a cake. But luckily for us all, there is an application bypassing obstacles -
Key Features Review

What is it all about?

A similar situation to that mentioned in perex could happen to anybody. Just imagine an example: you are at work (school, cybercafe, etc) where nothing is possible to install on computers or some Internet protocols are not supported. Suddenly a friend or a member of your family calls with a request to resolve a problem on his/her computer (he or she is at home). And this caller does not have a public IP address. What to do now? Don´t forget about!

Have you read our article about LogMeIn company and its services? If not, article can be displayed here. Why did we mention LogMeIn? The reason is simple. The whole application is runned by LogMeIn company. In other words - is something like a lite version of LogMeIn and that is interesting.

Establishing communication is very easy to use. Everything you need is the Internet connection, web browser and Adobe Flash support. Nothing more is required in case you are a person (the “side B”) who wants to resolve a problem of his friend or someone’s else. Supplicant (the “side A”) has to have a very small program which can be downloaded right from webpage. The whole installation is automatic. After that, he gets a unique number. He has to send this number (or tell on the phone) to the side B and the whole connection is ready to start.

To work with remote computer it is neccesary to ask the other side. How? Just click on the “Request control” button on the top of the page. The other side (side A) has to confirm this request. From this moment you are able to work with the remote computer like with your own.


Payment? is a free product. It is not essential to pay anything. Nevertheless the application allows to send files or a real-time chat of both sides during resolving any problems. But there is one restriction - no audio support. Anyway if you are able to work without it, is sufficient.
In any case remember, that is only something like the “lite version” of LogMeIn applications and if you want to use a rich functionality we recommend to try Pro. Image Gallery