Written by is a set of many useful tools for everyday office work. Imagine a virtual office where you can organize teamwork, share data between you and your colleagues, access your files through different channels at any time, send emails, ask for help through discussion forum, etc. only via one application. The whole ContactOffice system is available like SaaS application and can be used through a simple web browser.
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Firstly we need to set information about distribution of ContactOffice on the record straight. The application is offered like SaaS, however it is also available on your local servers, so not only through public cloud. Detailed information about this two ways of distribution will be mentioned further in this article.

ContactOffice is a complex system which offers many functions. It is different from version to version, but the main core is mutual for all payment plans. You are able to send emails, SMS or call your colleagues, create wiki pages, or create, edit and save documents. The last mentioned feature (edit documents online) is is not available in demo version of this product, anyway we believe that this feature is at least as good as competitor´s applications, for example Google Docs or Zoho.

Various type of subscription

ContactOffice is offered in various types. You can use this product like individual person, also for your education, or you can use a group version for a group of collaborating people. The default settings is not the only one version which you can buy. If you want to adjust it (for example add your trademark, change colors, layout, etc.), there is “customized version” ready for your requirements. Let´s have a detailed look on this product!

Individual version

As I mentioned, in case that you have your own business without any other colleagues, you probably use this individual version. Individual version is something like lite-version of this product, because it doesn't offer all of features like “group version”. You can send email with your own domain, use calendar, address book, cloud based storage (WebDAV virtual drive) up to 15GB, or create notes and look them up quickly. Synchronization of your private data with Outlook, PDA, etc. is really an advantage of this product. You are able to have all necessary files permanently on you.

Prices are almost the same, but individual version is actually more expensive than group version, because the price is valid only for one person, not for 3 like in case of the lowest group version. Price starts at 5 € / month and you can use up to 5 GB mailbox, 1 GB storage for documents or 2.000 contacts in Address Book or send 10 SMS per month. There is also another price plan (called Advanced) up to 20 € / month which extends virtual drive up to 5 GB for documents or mailbox up to 15 GB. In Advanced price plan are included much more features than in Light price plan. For example: antivirus, Outlook access, archiving, auto forwarding, etc.

Group version

Group version is something like an extension of individual version. You can use all features which were described in previous paragraphs. In addition there are couple of other features. For example “Groups” where you can create internal or intra company groups (with suppliers, customers, etc.) to share all types of data, secured “Forum” only for group members or “Phone Calls” used for sending of phone messages to your group members in a structured way.

Prices for the group version are very similar to Individual version and features included too. For example Light price plan costs 5 € / month and is available for 5 users. The most expensive price plan called Advanced costs 20 € / month and is available for 20 users. Every user has the same permissions.

Customized version

Customized version is all up to you. There are no standardized price plans or features. Everything is a subject of agreement between you and provider. The ContactOffice solution should be fully integrated with your Web sites, intranet or extranet. “End users don't notice that your virtual office is an external service powered by ContactOffice” as is mentioned on ContactOffice´s webpage.

The price of this version depends of the following factors:

  • Number of users
  • Subscriptions capacities
  • Integration level (Single Sign-On, LDAP, etc.)
  • Hosting Plan: SaaS model or the whole system operated on your servers (licence model)

The list of companies which are using this solution, you can find through this link - In case that you want to buy the customized version, you must contact directly salesman.

Other features and language support

ContactOffice is also available on mobile devices like any other competitor´s app. Interface was designed for Web browsers on PDA or smartphones, so it means that you could run this app on every device you want. Access to virtual office is protected by personal login and password and you can connect to the ContactOffice with SSL encryption.
All data (a contact, an event, a document, etc.) have own access rights (view, add, delete).
Company guarantees 99,8% service level (accessibility) and permanent monitoring 24/7. Also backup of data is done several times a day, your data are anonymized and spread only over the company’s servers: a third-party can do nothing with back-ups.

The ContactOffice is available in 7 languages. For example in English, German, Italian, etc... Headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium.


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