Increase of global smartphone traffic by 2019

global smartphone traffic

Global smartphone data traffic is expected to continue its meteoric rise over the next few years. According toCisco’s Visual Networking Index, smartphone traffic is set to grow from 1.74 exabyte per month in 2014 to more than 18 exabyte per months in 2019. Cisco further estimates that smartphones will account for 75% of mobile traffic in 2019, up from 69% in the past year. 

The increase in smartphone data consumption will be fuelled by two factors that work in the same direction: the ever-growing number of smartphones in use and the increase of individual data consumption.



WireTech Comments

Question is, if also telecommunication companies are aware of this trend and if they adapt their business to new economic requirements. At this time it seems like that these companies are still trying to maximize their revenue thanks to "old" services, like calling and sending SMS. However when giants like Google, Facebook or Virgin Galatic announce, that they are interested in providing Internet, the future of old matadors is not so clear.







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