How to choose the right Office Automation application?

Firstly you have to realize, what you want to do with a potential application. In other words - what you expect from the right solution. There are many applications in this category and each of them is suitable for something else.

Several years ago typewriter has been replaced by the computer and lots of work activities were digitized. Most people thought that paper wouldn’t be used nevermore, but this was a mistake. To work with a computer was practically the same like to work with a typewriter until the half of the nineties. It was caused by absence of great Internet connection (such as it is nowadays) and applications were a little bit uncomfortable of course. Since that age the world has changed. It means that new methods of work, new technologies and new possibilities of collaboration appeared.

The major milestone was emergence of the Cloud Computing. Nowadays it really doesn't matter where you are, everything necessary you need is an Internet connection, computer and idea, what you want to do of course.

You can choose an application for remote connection between computers, application for creation of websites or another one for classic office activities like sending e-mails, sharing files with your colleagues or creation and editing text documents or spreadsheets.

For Office Automation applications following features are very important:

  •     creation of a document by multiple users simultaneously
  •     disc space for documents
  •     possibility to use almost the same common features like in on-promise (installed locally on computer) applications:
  •     working with text
  •     creation of tables
  •     creation of schemes and presentations
  •     processing databases (not important but useful)
  •     development of websites (not important but useful)
  •     possibility of integration with other systems (not important but useful)
  •     free trial period for possibility to choose the right solution
  •     possibility to download documents and open them locally on a computer
  •     value for money
  •     technical support
  •     language support

The most important is, that the choice of any cloud solution is a decision for a long period of time, and over the time it will be very difficult to switch to another solution. 

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