How to choose the best CRM solution?

When choosing a CRM solution it is necessary to think about two areas. Firstly you have to know your organization and secondly you need to know what your requirements are. Here is our quick quide to choosing the right CRM solution. It pinpoints all the main areas you should consider.

Know your organization

Knowing how your organizaiton works is absolutely crucial to pick the right CRM solution. The new CRM will be there to surve you and thus it not should turn everything upside down especially processes that are performing well and employees are successful with them. Therefore start with issues that do not work in your organization and look for a solution that addresses them. Do not get extremely excited about functionality especially if it will not resolve any existing issues.



Team is another very important thing to consider. When choosing the right CRM app, consult with your employees especially those that will be using it. Also, think ahead if the solution is flexible enough in case you will need to enlarge your team or add an organizational structure to it. Does the solution support your sales department hierarchy?

Budget is always one of the main things organizations consider when choosing any solution. With CRM applications you have to take into account what is the price per user/month, how is it influenced by the number of total users and wheather the subscription is flexible (on monthly basis) or it not as flexible, leaving you smaller space to adjust quickly to your needs. Check wheather you can upgrade or downgrade at any time and dont just look at the price tag but look what is included in terms, of support, available data space and if there are any limits that might be a problem to your organization.

In general think about the future outlooks and keep the flexibility as high as possible because that is one of the main advantages of cloud.

Know your requirements

Do note get extremely excited with the application having as many features as possible.  All CRM applications have the basic features. Think rather about what you really need. Reports, custom fields, integrated VOIP, Campaigns, Opportunities, Deals, Social plugins – these are all functionalities and modules that are available however you have to pick those that you really need.

Integration is related to the chosen technology thus you might discuss this point with your IT manager.  It depends how far down you want your existing applications to integrate with your new CRM solution. The higher the integration the longer the implementation time and higher CRM requirements. If you are looking for some specific functionality you can find it at diferent provider whose solution integrates with your choice.

Mobile and Social are considered a must have today and it is almost a hype now. Think about your strategy of interaction with customers and about the mobile access requirements you have. Do you need a native mobile app, or access through the mobile web browser is sufficient? What social networks are the most important for you?

Support is the last but not least thing you should consider when selecting a CRM solution for your organization. It is necessary to pay attention to what kind of support your provider offers and whether. Is 24/5 enought for you or do you need a 24/7 telephone support since your CRM is aboslutely critical?

This was only a short guide that has stressed out the most important areas of picking a CRM solution. We hope you found it helpful.


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