Package delivery using drones. Does it make sense?

The article recently published at tries to figure out if package delivery using drones is feasible or not. If you read it, you can easily get the feeling that larger "deployment" of drones is just a matter of money. In fact there are lots of obstalces which have to be solved. Let's think about the biggest difficulties! 


Colin Lewis is engaged in drones, because these devices could help us one day with better delivery goods and also with related industries. For this reason he wrote several articles about the technical and economical aspects. In his last article, he works with specific economic figures based on the interview with the professor of robotics of ETH Zurich. 

He actually mentiones the "business plan for the total cost of delivery". Which means that each drone should has payload up to 2 kg, and range of 10 km with headwings of up to 30 km/h.


Obstacles to drone delivery

Nothing is so rosy, so also the professor outlines the potential obstacles to drone delivery: wehicle design, localization navigating and vehilce coordination. At the end of his consideration he believes that delivery by drones is a real probability in the short future.

Actually the brief survey indicates that there are more obstacles, and it's not just about the technology. The practical ones like heavy dependence of such a service on the weather, through security issues (what if a drone is stolen) must be solved as well.

However if these problems are solved and the service is working, another problem will appear - the competition. No transport company wants to stay away of this technology, which could lead to overcrowded skies. The number of accidents should substantially increase, so the service would be quite difficult to operate.

Despite these problems, some companies like DHL launched the first commercial drones to make deliveries to a North Sea island. Will see if this will be successful story or not. 

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