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HighTail (former YouSendIt) is a useful cloud service which allows you to send large-sized files to any email address you want. The tool is very user friendly and supports many GB storage for free in basic version. HighTail is not like any other cloud storage. This product offers many added features that we will mention later in this article. Let´s start our review step by step!
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Hightail Review

When you come on to the web page www.hightail.com the main feature appeares - a web form to send a file to an email adress. This feature is something like demonstration of the main feature of the Hightail service. You have to fulfill email address of recipient and upload a file which you want to send. Subject and text of message are optional. In the free version is not possible to set expiration date of uploaded files. Default expiration time of uploaded files is only one week. Other restrictions are, that you can´t send files that are larger than 50MB, protect your files by password and capacity of whole storage. Free version is a good option for presentation of functionality of this service, however it is not so useful like paid version.

The whole process of sending data works as follows - firstly you have to fulfill any credentials in the above mentioned web form, and of course upload your file. After that, the email by the HighTail service is sent to recipient’s email address which looks like nice. This email is just a notification about incoming file where the main part is comprised of link for download of a file which somebody is sending to you. Information about expiration is included as well. The app works like airmail when you want to send a large file which is usually impossible to send directly by email service.

Payment plans

However HighTail.com is much more interesting in the paid version instead the free version. There are two payment plans - Pro and Pro Plus. Differences are apparent on the following picture.

The major difference between these plans is (except of the price) a possibility of using unlimited storage and getting phone support in case of any problems. You are able to sort and move once uploaded files into any folders in your cloud storage which is available after successful login in to the client zone on the HighTail.com.

Access from every mobile devices and plugins

You are able to access the HighTail.com service from any mobile device you want just through a web browser. However apart from this opportunity, there are many added features like plugin for Microsoft Outlook or HighTail Desktop Application for Windows which allows you to synchronize chosen folder with its identical copy on the cloud storage. It is similar to any other competitor´s app like Dropbox, SugarSync or Google Drive.


Another app - Outlook plugin - allows sending of large-sized files and folders as quick as sending an all-text email - no extra steps required. As it is described on official website, Outlook plugin “eliminates bounce-backs when you email large files using this Outlook plugin and automatically sends files through the HighTail service when attachments are larger than a pre-selected size”.


As you can see, HighTail.com service is very helpful tool in case that you want to share large files among people or just to have backup of your chosen files and folders in the Cloud. However the price for paid plan of this app is more or less very high relative to competition. For example, just for $5 / month you can get the really complex system like Google Apps or Zoho which allows you to edit uploaded documents directly in a web browser or share it among chosen people. In HighTail is an option to share any file which you want between your and your colleagues, however they are only able to view this file, not to edit it. On the other hand we think that this features would be probably added soon, because also this functionality (to view some file) was created recently.

Note: The company Yousendit renamed itself Hightail in 2013.

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