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Hyperoffice is an American corporation which provides SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) web collaboration, email marketing, web conferencing, online meetings and online databases applications. The main product is the HyperOffice Collaboration Suite which contains many integrated tools for everyday business operations. Let´s examine the main functionality in detail!
Key Features
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English, Spanish
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Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, RIM-BlackBerry, Web-based, Windows, Windows Phone
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Other Features
Collaboration: document management, team workpaces, tasks
Hyperoffice Review
Hyperoffice company was founded in 1998 and since its inception it has had more than 300,000 users worldwide. 
In addition to the Hyperoffice Collaboration Suite company offers:
  • HyperMobile for sending emails and mobile messaging
  • HyperBase for online database management and web forms
Hyperoffice runs also a blog where news about its product and news from market segment where it operates are updated. In following paragraphs we will describe their flagship product - Hyperoffice Collaboration Suite.

Hyperoffice Collaboration Suite

Hyperoffice collaboration Suite is the main application of Hyperoffice product portfolio. What is it all about? What are the advantages or disadvantages of this product? And what about price? All questions will be answered, so don´t worry and enjoy our description step by step.
Hyperoffice Collaboration Suite is something like company´s project management portal. You are able to modify basic settings to match with your company´s idea during the registration process. You can add a company´s logo, modify web address of this application, etc.

Personal or group?

Remember that the whole system is targeted on business customers, so you will see four basic bookmarks after a successful login  - “personal”, “groups”, “applications” and “settings”.
Personal and groups bookmarks are almost similar because they combine identical services. One difference is only in access rights. “Personal” services are only for your use and nobody else can see it. “Groups” services are given to collaboration across the company.
Let´s look at them in more detail!


Desktop is a basic screen where you can see a brief overview of the most used components (or services if you wish). We take it for granted that you can create new emails, new tasks or new notes directly from that screen.


An absolutely essential service for effective managing of company´s projects. Email allows you to send messages to your colleagues or emails to business partners. Every user has its own unique email address. We haven’t yet found a capacity of email box but we guess that it is more than sufficient. For example Google Apps offers 25GB/per user.


A calendar for everyday planning of personal or business tasks. If you use any similar solution, you won´t be surprised. There is a possibility to create you own personal calendar (or calendars) or create several shared with colleagues. Imagine that you are able to manage several project teams and thus lead a project to the successful end.


One of the most strongest feature of Hyperoffice Collaboration Suite. Don´t expect another Office 365 or Google Documents, but there are some advantages. Documents represent something like cloud repository where it is possible to save any files you want. You are able to create many folders whether for personal use or shared with colleagues. Stored files are not allowed to modify online in a web browser, it is only possible to download them into a local computer. Ok, where are the above mentioned advantages? The answer is the network drive.

Network drive 

Do you have an experience with network disks in computers? Yes, it´s absolutely the same like a local disk in a computer - the whole functionality is the same and common user can´t recognize any difference. Hyperoffice allows you to download a smart client, which can map the document folder and display it like a network drive, like your disk drives in the operation system. 
Application called “Hyperdrive” is supported by the operating system Windows or MAC.
List of contacts. What else to say? Have you ever used some tool to save and sort your contacts to your business partners, colleagues or friends? This is absolutely similar like anything else. Contacts in Hyperoffice allow you to export chosen items to CSV or XLS formats or import them of course.


Absolutely the most valuable tool for project management. If you are looking for a transparent and user friendly application, Hyperoffice Projects is the right one. 
Remember that none of project management tools can do something without a project manager. He is the one, who has to have a precise plan of a managed project and has to be familiar with time duration of every task or phase of the project.

Step by step

The first step is creation / definition of all tasks of the project. Every task should be set from start to finish including its successor or predecessor. Types of relations are: “Start-to-Start”, “Finish-to-Start”, etc. 
Tasks can be defined like normal tasks or like a milestones. By milestone you can highlight a progress in project.
For illustrative demonstration to other colleagues and better overview of the project it is also possible to display the whole project in a Gantt Chart.
The project tool automatically recalculates time of start or finish of every successor or predecessor if you change any task. 
The whole system is very nice however it is not possible to add any source to tasks. That means that the application is not so comprehensive like for example MS Project. In other words - you can´t make plans in detail. Critical Chain project management can´t be applied. On the other hand we think that a common user of Hyperoffice Collaboration Suite does not need such an in-depth tool and that it is sufficient for him to create small projects only.


Don´t expect that the price of Hyperoffice Collaboration Suite - which offers relatively similar solution like Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, etc. - will be fundamentally different from competing solutions. Price starts at 7$ / user / month. It is also possible to buy Core Collaboration or Enterprise Collaboration solution which extends basic services. If you want to extend used solution (by additional functionality, adding user or more disc space), you have to pay additional fees. For example additional capacity of 5GB costs $28 / month and 128-bit encryption (SSL layer) costs $199 / year.


Hyperoffice Collaboration Tool is one of the right possible choices for managing a Small or Medium Enterprise. Price/performance ratio is ideal. If you are indecisive between this product and the others like Google Apps or Office 365, look on following comparison:
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