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To edit pictures online just in a web-browser was several years ago just unthinkable. Nowadays Pixlr.com breaks down the rooted mythos. If you only want to change a colour of one small piece of your photo or make a little bit more complexive adjustment, nothing is easier than to use the Pixlr.com (cloud service).
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Pixlr.com Review

We can say without exaggeration that Pixlr.com is really capable of replacement of all-embracing applications like the Ulead Photo Studio or the Adobe Photoshop. You can edit your photos or create graphic design with Pixlr.com as if you work on your local computer, but in this case everything is available directly in a web-browser. 

Pixlr´s service portfolio 

Pixlr.com offers various possibilities how to edit your pictures. You can choose the “Pixlr Editor” which is fully-fledged image/graphic editor with the same features that you know from any other similar application. For example, you are able to adjust brightness & contrast, modify curves, choose one of many graphic filters, crop image, add layer mask or draw your idea onto a whiteboard. Upload process of image to web takes just about few seconds and after that you can modify your image.  And, of course, if you are not familiar with default language - english, you can switch into different one. There are 29 languages available for your choice. The work with Pixlr Editor is very easy and intuitive, in case that you already know any other graphic editor. Majority of used icons are the same across platforms and are more or less standardized for better understanding as you can see on screenshots below.

Pixlr Express 

Pixlr Editor is not the only one application which you can find on the Pixlr.com website. For less experienced users is available Pixlr Express which is something like lite version of Pixlr Editor. You are able to create graphic piece of work or edit image very easily and much more faster than in case of the previous one. The whole application is designed like editor for quick changes and for this reason you are not able to create all-embracing creations . 

Other functionality

What else does Pixlr.com offer? You will certainly appreciate a plugin called the Pixlr Grabber if you use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. This plugin allows you to “grab” the whole web page or defined area like a screenshot and to move it immediately to the Pixlr Editor or save it in clipboard or like image file  your computer or share it with someone else thanks to direct web link. We think that this functionality is very helpful like quick assistance to your work because it allows you to store important content which you have found on some website. What about saving your images? In this case you can fully take an advantage of cloud services. You are able to save/download your images/graphic to local computer, but more attractive is to store images in the cloud storage http://imm.io/ by Pixlr.com which allows you to share your images with someone else who has a direct link. Another way is to connect Piccassa or Facebook with Pixlr and keep your creations in the mentioned services. Pixlr.com allows you to save your images like jpg, png, bmp, tiff or in special format called pxd (Layered Pixlr Image). 

Technical background

The whole application is based on Flash technology. It means that Pixlr.com wouldn´t run on platform without Flash. If you don't have the Adobe Flash Player, do not panic! You can download it directly from official Adobe´s website http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/. One advice at the end - save your work periodically! What happened to us was, that almost finally modified photo suddenly disappeared. Instead of it the program display showed the sign "error" and big exclamation mark across the entire page. On the other hand, error like this can happen by using of any other program and therefore we believe that this was only a casual bug.


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