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WorkZone represents a typical project management tool with intuitive interface which is convenient for any kind of project. This application ofers all neccesary features which are used in every project.
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WorkZone represents a modern way how to manage projects in the cloud. This brings the team collaboration to a new level. If your team is deployed around the world, you will really appreciate the possibility of access to your current workspace from any web browser and from any PC or Mac.

Projects Dashboard, Task Dependencies, Gantt Chart, Workload Reports or To-do List and Calendar are matter of course. You can have several workspaces for several projects and you have still clear overview about the current work and progress. Mentioned features are available for each workspace, so there is no problem to display either a “general” dashboard for all workspaces or just one by one. The deafult page which is automatically displayed after successful logon is “To-Do List” - you will not forget to complete any task then. It is possible to display To-Do List for a concrete user only, for group or for the whole team and project.

Big advantage is Project Tracker which allows you to keep track of spent hours on project, as well as project expenses (budgeted and actual) or utilization of resources. Project Tracker is basically deliverable oriented decomposition of a project into smaller components, well known as work breakdown structure (WBS). If some problems would be coming and the project begins to lag, project manager will know about that thanks to Status Alert feature. Status Alert automatically highlites phases behind schedule. However if you prefer more graphical representation, there is also an option to track the progress of a project by Gantt Chart. Timescale could be weeks, months, quarters or years. And one more point - Project Tracker and Calendar are connected, so you can keep an overview what´s happening and plan your daily timetable more easily.

Document Manager

Except “heavy” project management features, WorkZone also allows to share documents ccross the team. Every user has his own “cloud space” where a lot of files can be stored and he shares it with other team members. It´s a pity that direct editing of documents is not implemented. So only way how to modify files is to download them to a local computer, edit them and upload them again to the web. Versioning is supported of course.
Interresting feature is Image markup which is a cool way how to tag some part of PDF or image it directly via WorkZone. It can save time and it allows better collaboration, because each colleague can add a note directly on image without any additional third-party tool. Then he can share this marked image and discuss changes with the others thanks to integrated Dicussions. WorkZone allows also File Versioning and Full-Text-Search (finding items in many type of files).

Control, Look and Feel

WorkZone is the example of modern web based application convenient for anyone who is not afraid of new technologies. Anyone who is familiar with the most famous cloud apps like Google Apps, Zoho, etc, will know how to implement WorkZone into his company. The whole concept of usage is based on drag and drop, so even the technically less proficient user will become soon accustomed to use it. WorkZone is heavily functionality oriented product, so don´t except any “color rich” application, because the main priority of WorkZone team is to deliver easily understandable product. Only supportable language is English.


WorkZone is an easy-to-use, web-based project management and document collaboration tool. It runs continuously since 2000. WorkZone can be used for any kind of project, especially for those that follow similar processes (it is possible to create project templates). One disadvantage of this app could be no integration with products of main players in Project Management area like Microsoft, Zoho, etc. And we haven’t found any specifications for supported mobile devices, maybe because this application is mainly supposed to be used from office and not so much on the go from your mobile devices.
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