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This company and their product have been around for 5 years and have a lot to offer mainly to smaller businesses. Capsule is a customer relationship management service that offers multiple integration options and one subscription type.
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Android, iPhone-iPad, Linux, Mac, Web-based, Windows
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Google Apps, Open API
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Email, FAQ, Phone
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Access your account from anywhere, Manage sales pipeline
Capsule Review


As we have decided to test the application we did not have to make any subscription decisions because there is only one paid subscription – Capsule Professional Edition. There is also one subscription available for free, however it has several limitations. Signing up for 30-day trial is straightforward and easy, the only con is that one has to include his credit card information.

After signing up for the trial and receiving our login information we were ready to start setting up the application. It turned out to be very useful that Capsule was guiding us through the setup with recommended steps and we did not have to look for all the items in a menu. There is one function available in the whole application and it allows users to attach emails to records. This can be done via adding a generated Bcc address to your email.

Importing contacts (CSV. or vCard formats), uploading logo and other set up steps were trouble free. As we continue on we will stick to our traditional review format and that is examining the look and feel of the application, looking at its functionality with respect to its modules and describing mobile, integration and pricing options.


Look and Feel

Capsule is no exception in simple CRM application design that contains a menu bar with icons at the top and icons represent different modules of the application. After logging in, Dashboard is displayed informing user about his/her tasks and latest updates. It is something like a home screen. Capsule has included these four modules into the menu bar – People & OrganizationsCalendar & TasksSales Pipeline and Cases. It has also upgraded the menu bar with recent items, search field, quick add functionality, user settings and application settings. You can get a better idea about the looks of the application from the following screenshot.

Capsule allows you to set some appearance settings like color and logo of your environment. Overall the design is very user friendly, simple and intuitive with no distraction or excessive amount of options or information. The navigation is very intuitive it is made very easy to go back to previous record or create a new record to be linked with an existing one. We have to say that design resembles Highrise in some way. We had some problems with responsibility of the application but it might have been caused by some external factors.


As we have mentioned in the introduction we are going to review functionality according to the different modules included in Capsule.

Contacts are a vital part of every CRM system and in Capsule they are part of People & Organizations module. This module allows you to track organizations and/or people. Instant search, tagging, editing, adding tasks and files, creating opportunities and cases and more is available in this module. This is a great way to keep your contacts and business organized and share information among employees. The following screen shot gives you an idea how a person is managed in Capsule. We have already mentioned importing of contacts/organizations into your Capsule calendar in the introduction, but they can be exported as well. You can even customize Capsule to record additional information when a tag is applied e.g. lead source when a person is tagged as a lead.

Another module is called Calendar & Tasks. It is clear that it will be covering users calendar, and his tasks. Tasks can be divided into categories (email, meeting, etc.) and users are allowed to create custom tasks and link them with contacts, opportunities or cases for easy back referring. Working with tasks and calendar is very easy, events can be moved around in drag & drop manner and adding or editing an event is one click away. Task filtering is available for users as well; one can also subscribe for the calendar and have events added to his Outlook or iCal automatically. To sum up the calendar module we have to say that it has very nice, functional design with useful features.

The third module is called Sales Pipeline and it is designed to give you an overview about your bids, deals, proposals and other opportunities. Multiple charts are available to provide you with an insight into your open opportunities, their milestones (they can be custom set) and pipeline forecast according to the winning chance. Since opportunities can have tags, pipeline can be viewed according to tags as well. Opportunities can be directly exported or they can be exported with a breakdown of revenue by month to Excel.

The last module called Cases is designed to manage any issues related to customers. Cases are organized into a list, which can be filtered according to the stat of the case, time when it was closed or to whom it belongs. Each case may have related tasks and history, which means you can add phone calls or some other info connected to case via notes. Now let’s have a look at integration options which, as we have mentioned in the introduction are huge.


Mobile and Integration

Capsule Mobile is the App for accessing Capsule’s services via your mobile device. Supported devices are those running iOS, Android 2.1+ and BlackBerry OS 6. This mobile app has been launched in the April of last year and is still Beta version, thus it misses Sales Pipeline and Cases modules. However it brings some unusual mobile functionality for this segment of CRM and that is the ability to manage your contacts offline. After logging in again it will synchronize any changes you made while offline.

Capsule offers integration with Accounting services like Xero, KashFlow, FreshBooks; Customer Service apps like FreshDesk or ZenDesk and Sales & Marketing such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Tout and many more. Integration can be configured directly from Capsules settings menu and all steps are described in detail.



There is not too much to cover in this section since Capsule is available only in two editions, and one of them is for free and has several limitations. The other edition is called Professional, it costs £8/month/user and comes with 2GB storage per user, 50 000 contacts, and unlimited Opportunities and Cases. The service is pay as you go type, which means you can cancel anytime.


Bearing in mind that Capsule was designed for small businesses and thus is not so full of different features, it provides users with basic CRM tools they need to manage contacts, opportunities and cases. The ability to integrate with various other popular applications is very appreciated. It has met our expectations and we can recommend it to businesses with small sales teams that do not deal with tremendous number of contacts.


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